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Election of new leader of UKIP gets under way.
UKIP is more relevant then ever now  - click here to read the letter from UKIP's interim leader - Steve Crowther

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Next branch meeting 13th June at 7 pm -  at the Priory pub (junction of A509 and A45

*Branch members and supporters prepare for County Council elections on 4th May and a GENERAL ELECTION on 8th June

*Next branch meeting 11 April 2017 - see "EVENTS" page for details

*Some of our branch members attended the UKIP 2017 Spring Conference on 17 Feb - click here to read the programme

*Branch AGM 21st Feb 2017 (UKIP members only)

* Next regular branch meeting is on 14th March 2017 - members, friends and supporters are welcome.




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What are UKIP's policies?

The "2017 Election Manifesto" spells out UKIP's policies in detail

Information leaflets are now available on the "About UKIP" page including the 2017 local minifesto
  Click here to read the latest
from Paul Nutthal amd UKIP chairman re general election on 8th June

issued 18 April 2017


By-elections offer great opportunities for UKIP to enter candidates on both a local an national level. The elections page provide more details


8 June 2017
General election
Click  here for Wellingborough
 and Rushden results

4 May 2017
County council elections

23 Feb 2017
Labour held Stoke and the Conservatives took Copeland

28 Nov 2016
Result of UKIP leader election was announced

Paul Nuttall

5 Dec 2016
Results of UKIP's NEC election were announced

8 Dec 2016
Sleaford and North Hykenham parlimentary election - UKIP came 2nd with 13.5% of the votes

Street stall Dec 2016 <--- Some of the branch members spreading the good word in Wellingborough and Rushden town centres

Published and Promoted by Allan Shipham on behalf of UKIP Wellingborough Candidates - 

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