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Events page updated - EGM called for 1 Jul 2018
Newsflash EGM to be held on 1 July - see "Events" page for details
David Kurten to stand for UKIP in the Lewisham East by-election to be held on 14th June 2018
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"No doubt in my mind, UKIP helped to deliver independence for the British public. Thank you for your support and contributions, but UKIP is as vital now as it ever was. We live in an unfair plutocracy, help us to change it to a democracy, where everyone respects the will of the people!"  Allan Shipham – Chairman UKIP Wellingborough and Rushden Branch 20 Jan 2018.

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 The next branch meeting is on 10th July 2018 (see Events page for venue)

* new 28 July - David Banks for "Veterans for Britain" will speak at the Breakfast/Coffee morning  - check out their website here - please let Allan know if you plan to attend

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31 March - Derek ClarK MEP (rtd) spoke at the breakfast meeting on his time as an MEP

 Derek Clark (200)

Following the EGM on 17 Feb, Henry Bolton has been replaced by interim leader Gerard Batten.

 *UKIP leader Henry Bolton addressed the branch meeting on
*Diary dates set for branch meetings throughout 2018 - see "Events" page for details. (Check regularly for any changes)

* A coffee morning was held on 27th Jan. David Allen - UKIP cabinet member and Margot Parker MEP gave excellent presentions on important UKIP policy issues.



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from Gerard Batten
issued 14 April 2018

Appeal for support for David Kurten, standing for Lewisham East by-election on 14th June 2018
14th May 2018




Northamptonshire County Council by-election for Higham Ferrers ward and Higham Ferrers Lancaster district ward took place on 15th February 2018, following the death of Cllr Glenn Harwood (Con) who held both seats.

29-30 UKIP annual conference in Torquay


By-elections offer great opportunities for UKIP to enter candidates on both a local an national level. The elections page provide more details

8 June 2017
General election
Click  here for Wellingborough
 and Rushden results

4 May 2017
County council elections

23 Feb 2017
Labour held Stoke and the Conservatives took Copeland


Street shot <--- Some of the branch members spreading the good word in Wellingborough and Rushden town centres

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